Men's Skin Centres (MSC) has been providing professional skincare services targeted towards men's needs for more than 25 years. It is regionally renowned as the leader in men's skincare treatment programmes, where professional consultants put together personalised skincare solutions for today's men.

There are now ten Men's Skin Centres in Malaysia offering the latest epidermal technology and exclusive skincare products with four centres catered exclusively for the men. The first stand alone Men's Skin Centres in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya was opened in May 2004 followed by the launch of their second centre in the heart of KL city at Avenue K in May 2005 and flagship centre in Bangsar Village II in August 2007.

Men's Skin Centres offers a wide range of revolutionary skincare solutions that can be customized to individual skin types and problems. The specialised treatments that combine advanced skincare technology, natural purifiers and nourishers are suited for men of all ages.

These customised treatments brighten and rejuvenate the complexion addressing oily skin, acne, post-acne scarring, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, facial lifting, dark eye circles, wrinkles and crows' feet, among other skin conditions common to men.

Men's Skin Centres also provides professional, customised laser hair removal treatments that disable hair growth from the hair roots. Depilux hair free system is 100% safe, comfortable and effective with zero downtime, thus reducing the painful bumps, rashes or in growth hair.

The extensive range of personalized and supervised programs includes:

Oil Corrective Recovery Facial

For those suffering from oily skin with active oil glands, this treatment will help regulate and control the production of sebum. The Bio Organic Mask, made from purified, highly absorbent, mineral-rich volcanic deposits contains excellent purifying and detoxifying properties to deeply cleanse and decongest blocked pores, revealing refined pores while nourishing skin. Inflammation and redness of the skin is visibly soothed and reduced after the very first treatment. The cool, tingling sensation is felt even after the mask is removed. A course of treatment tailored to each individuals skin condition will result in the regulation of sebum production and a healthier, less oily complexion.

RF Lift Perfect

This medically advanced technology employs radio frequency energy to reach deep into the dermis layer of your skin to restructure collagen and repair surface skin layer while enhancing the results of collagen restructuring. This in turn creates a tightening effect – giving you tighter skin around the jawline and chin. Common problems around the eye area such as eye bags and crow feet are visibly reduced too. The RF energy used gently to heat up the skin tissues while reaching deep into the dermis layer of our skin, will also effectively soften frown lines and nasolabial creases as well as reduce active acne and acne scarring. This revolutionary treatment specialises in skin lifting giving you a smoother and more luminous complexion that last.

Derma Perfecting Therapy

A superb alternative to painful and invasive facial peels, Derma Perfecting Therapy exfoliates the skin surface precisely and evenly removing the degenerated tissue of scars and dark spots. This natural scar eraser stimulates the skin cell renewal from deep layer to repair the damaged tissues. With Derma Perfecting Therapy, facial imperfections like age spot, acne scar, oily skin, fine lines and enlarged pores are a thing of the past. Effects are instantly noticed and skin feels refine and smooth.

Depilux™ Hair Free System

Men's Skin Centre has been committed to the safety and well-being of its clients for more than 25 years. Men's Skin Centre's exclusive Depilux™ Hair Free System remains the safest, most sophisticated and permanent hair reduction technology available.

The Depilux™ Hair Free System is fully compliant with the European Medical Device Direction's (EMDD), CE mark which means it meets the most stringent safety requirements. Clients enjoy the reassurance that all treatments are carried out by exclusively qualified, experienced and well-trained professionals. Such thoroughness and professionalism are the reasons Men's Skin Centre is the skincare industry leader in terms of safety and service standards.

The Depilux™ Hair Free System quickly and effectively disables hair roots and prevents them from growing back. It utilizes an advanced light pulse technology, which makes use of light that targets melanin in hair roots, disabling the hair growth cycle.

The Depilux™ Hair Free System provides fast and effective results with zero downtime, no bumps, scars, marks and ingrown hair, and no side effects such as rashes, blotchy skin, dryness, itchiness and skin allergies.

What makes Men's Skin Centres a true leader in meeting the personal grooming needs of men who take pride in their appearance?
» Professional advice from skincare experts
» One-on-one service
» Qualified and trained therapists
» Revolutionary skincare technology & equipment
» Solid proof of success – Celebrity clients such as Carl Ng, Paul Moss of Malaysian Idol & One in a Million fame and TVB actor Kenneth Ma
» Constant investment in market research and new skincare / hair removal solutions
» Natural formulation of products