Bella 360 Illuminator

Complete your whitening treatment with our latest
360° Illuminator System whitening products!

360⁰ Illuminator an innovative and advanced formula in skin whitening targeting multiple skin concerns such as dark spots, pigmentation, scar marks and uneven skin tone.

This revolutionary whitening approach works efficiently in lightening dark spots, pigmentation, scar marks, uneven skin tone and prevents future discolouration. It also enables our skin to build greater resilience against external aggressors such as excessive UV and restores radiance, firmness and hydration to our skin.

Having radiant skin is just 3 easy steps away!

Step 1: SOD Illuminator Serum

SOD Illuminator Serum is a light-textured serum formulated with powerful superoxide dismutase antioxidant and active ingredients such as tranexamic acid, alpha-arbutin, vitamin C and vitamin B3 to regulate melatogenesis

Step 2: Phyto Illuminator Cream

Phyto Illuminator moisturizer cream uses niosomal carrier as potent delivery system to deliver active ingredients such as Phyto extracts to target melanocytes effectively and promote skin whitening, lightening and brightening.

Step 3: Illuminate Spot Corrector

Illuminator Spot Corrector is a targeted balm to suppress dark spot formation from its root, keep dark pigments from resurfacing and promote naturally glowing and uniform complexion.

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