Are wrinkly eyes making you look older?

  The greatest fear of aging comes full frontal when you look into the mirror and wonder how age has taken its toll. Imagine loose upper and lower eyelids to baggy, puffy eyes that look sleepy. What about droopy to eye bags caused by the loss of skin elasticity at the upper cheek area? Naturally [… Read More]

Your beauty canvas begins with your eyes

  Always wanted to get rid of those wrinkles around your eyes? Dark, under eye circles making you look older than your age? Even the most expensive eye creams don’t seem to work? Venus Freeze is the answer for irresistible, youthful eyes. Now you can gently, safely and easily erase away those age lines around [… Read More]

Take years of your age, naturally

  Women will always understand the search for vanity as we are continuously on the search for the best anti-aging creams and the right treatments to help us look younger. While we cannot turn back the clock, realistically with the advent of scientific discoveries and technology innovations, it is now possibly to take a few [… Read More]

Eliminate the first signs of aging – the turkey neck!

Have you ever seen photos of beautiful women who look youthful but have tell-tale signs of aging through sagging, loose skin and wrinkly neck lines? In fact, the neck area is the fastest area where age lines begin. What’s more, with more people always bending down to play with their smart phones, the lines seem [… Read More]

Skin Solutions For Eye Bags

Dark eye circles is one of the common skin problems which will make someone look tired and restless although he or she has sufficient sleep. It also makes one look older than their current age. Dark circles and eye bags are not always due to lack of sleep, it can be hereditary (due to poor [… Read More]

Why a beauty advisor recommends to cleanse skin

Why A Beauty Advisor Recommends Skin Cleansing Surely you have heard many times from your beauty advisor the famous 3-step beauty routine “cleanse, tone, and moisturise”. And, surely, you have heard too that it is a daily must-do in order to have flawless skin. It is not by chance that cleansing is the first step, [… Read More]