Are wrinkly eyes making you look older?

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The greatest fear of aging comes full frontal when you look into the mirror and wonder how age has taken its toll. Imagine loose upper and lower eyelids to baggy, puffy eyes that look sleepy. What about droopy to eye bags caused by the loss of skin elasticity at the upper cheek area? Naturally we cannot totally reverse the signs of aging but there’s a way to restore skin’s youthfulness and suppleness – with Venus Freeze.

Non-invasive, clinically-proven aesthetic technology

Venus Freeze is the result of intensive research and development in beauty and medical aesthetics. It works by combining electromagnetic pulses with multi-polar radio frequency to stimulate collagen fibres from the inner dermis and promote skin tightening.

Say hello to gorgeous eyes

In under an hour, your skin will look glowing with enhanced circulation. The gentle massage of the Venus Freeze device around the eye zone will naturally plump up elastin fibres and lighten wrinkles and fine lines, creating an instant lifting effect.

A more youthful and attractive appearance with Venus Freeze

Your eyes are the windows into your soul. Feel more confident inside out. Let others look at you and be charmed by your youthful, sparkling eyes.

  • Results are visible with first treatment
  • Specialised Venus Freeze treatments are available with specific focus on problem areas i.e. eyes, face and neck contours.
  • Not just therapy to rejuvenate the face and neck areas, Venus Freeze treatments are also available for the reduction of body cellulite and flabby skin. Results are evident with visible inch loss and circumferential reduction along the abdomen, arms and thigh areas.

To experience a pampering Venus Freeze treatment, contact your nearest Bella Skin Centre therapist today.

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