Eliminate the first signs of aging – the turkey neck!

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Have you ever seen photos of beautiful women who look youthful but have tell-tale signs of aging through sagging, loose skin and wrinkly neck lines? In fact, the neck area is the fastest area where age lines begin. What’s more, with more people always bending down to play with their smart phones, the lines seem to form faster than ever before, creating what is called the phenomenon of turkey necks!

A natural neck lift to reduce years off your face

Now there is a surgery-free, non-invasive technique to smooth away those age lines in the form of Venus Freeze. This industry-leading technology has created waves in the beauty arena with its clinically proven results which stimulate collagen formation, tighten skin and effectively reduce the turkey neck syndrome.

Technology-driven, skin-friendly technology

Venus Freeze is unique as it uses multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields to penetrate deep into the skin using thermal heat matrix. The result is a smoother neck line with reduced wrinkles and skin that no longer sags, making you look years younger.

Fast and relaxing therapy that you can even do during lunch breaks

The Venus Freeze treatment is easy to administer with rapid results even from the first treatment. The treatment is a relaxing experience and promotes skin healing from within. Fat cells are broken down to promote blood flow and collagen growth within the treated area, resulting in enhanced skin tone and firmed-up skin texture. For neck areas, monthly treatments over six months is recommended for best results. Each session lasts under an hour, which is convenient for today’s busy lifestyles. In fact, you can drop by for a quick visit to your nearest Bella Skin Centre branch in-between your appointments.

A more youthful and attractive appearance with Venus Freeze

  • Facial features will be revitalized with tighter, firmer skin and a more youthful appearance
  • Skin rejuvenation is evident within the first treatment
  • Not just therapy to rejuvenate the face and neck areas, Venus Freeze is also to reduce skin cellulite and flabby skin with visible inch loss and circumferential reduction along the abdomen, arms and thigh areas.

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