Get Your Youthful Skin Back With Bella Skin Care’s VenusFreeze!

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Looking for a highly-effective facial treatment that is inexpensive but does the job perfectly? Think no more. Introducing Bella Skin Care’s Venus Freeze, a new and revolutionary face treatment that is highly-effective in improving your skin’s tautness, reducing wrinkles and overall outlook, by tightening the skin and producing new collagen and elastin fibres using the patented (MP)2 technology.

Bella Skin Care has always been the leading skincare expert at providing innovative and results-driven treatments over the years. And now with this new cutting-edge technology, the Venus Freeze treatment, they have done it again which deserves to be the talk of the town.

The Venus Freeze treatment produces a soothing and therapeutic sensation, promotes nutrient absorption, resulting in a lasting and healthier glow, so you would be left with fully satisfied results. As much as the name “Venus Freeze” would suggest to one of some sort of freezing technology, the technology does not actually use any cold technology, or as a matter of fact, any freezing. The treatment runs on the patented (MP)² technology, which is a combination of Magnetic Pulse fields and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency. So in the end, you get a safe and pain-free treatment that is proven to yield visible results in just over 6 to 8 rounds of treatments.

Now let’s look a bit on the nitty-gritty details of the patented (MP)² technology, which some of you may already know.

Magnetic Pulse fields have been used in medicine for a long time now, and have a proven record in respect of their regenerative properties. There are many benefits to using the magnetic pulse technology, including increased oxygen, nutrients and blood supply to the skin for a more youthful and smoother silhouette by the use various regenerative properties such as synthesis of collagen, fibroblast proliferation and neo-vascularity. Mouthful terminologies, but efficient every bit.

The Multi-Polar Radio Frequency on the other hand is a technology that provides thermal energy into the skin’s tissue which stimulates the skin’s natural healing response, similar to laser treatments. In Venus Freeze, this technology is tailored to provide a uniform and consistent delivery of the thermal energy, which results in the skin producing consistently new elastin fibres and causing new collagen to form, which in turn results in even skin tightening and face lifting. During the treatment at Bella Skin Care, the applicator, upon reaching the therapeutic temperature of 43 ºC to 45 ºC, effectively starts to stimulate the production of new elastin fibres and causes the new collagen to form. In the end, you will see a smooth and satisfying result with minimal or no adverse effects.

Terminologies and technologies aside, how is the Bella Skin Care’s Venus Freeze treatment undertaken?

Originally priced at RM550, the treatment is available now at only RM228 (that’s a 59% off!). Each treatment takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the area, and one could expect to see visibly significant results as the treatments progresses over 6 – 8 treatments. You’ll reduce wrinkles and obtain a firmer and radiant skin with this pain-free and relaxing treatment with no downtime, all through the stimulation of your skin’s natural healing properties. And one important thing to highlight, this treatment could provide long-term results, and some patients have even reported to see improvements in their skin condition up to three months after completing the series of treatments.

Available exclusively at all Bella Skin Care centres now, you could just pick up the phone and call Bella Skin Care at 1-800-22-7111 to find out more about the Venus Freeze treatment.

Further and just so you know, Venus Freeze is actually the first and only clinically-proven treatment to receive the FDA’s and the Canadian Health Department’s clearance for the use of Magnetic Pulse technology on facial skin. What does this tell us? That this technology is completely safe and could be trusted to produce desired results without negatively affecting your skin.

Theories aside, so has anyone we know benefited from this exclusive treatment offered by Bella Skin Care?

None other than the social influencer Yuth, being a personality in the fashion beauty industry, presentation and looking good is of utmost priority for her. And so Yuth has sought the Bella Skin Care’s Venus Freeze treatment to “freeze” her youthful skin in its evergreen condition. She has very high regards of the treatment as it helps her in wrinkle reduction, face lifting and skin tightening, as well as reversing the aging problem she wishes to stay away from. Yuth calls the Venus Freeze treatment a “time travel” as she feels the visible differences after having undergone the treatment and having a firmer and tighter skin than what she had before. As Venus Freeze is all about stimulating the natural healing properties of the skin, Yuth has no hesitation in speaking for Venus Freeze, so do check her testimony out on Bella Skin Care’s YouTube page.