Has aging and sun exposure added more lines around the corner of your eyes?

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Some of the tell-tale signs of aging often come in the form of wrinkles at the outer eye lids and lines between your eyes. Over-exposure to the sun, especially in the tropics, contribute to more wrinkled skin. As we grow older, our skin tissues grow weaker.

Indeed, we can’t turn back time, but we can reverse the effects of aging – with Venus Freeze. What’s unique is that it is a non-invasive treatment that works as fast as it is to administer the treatment, in under an hour. Your Bella Skin Care consultant will be able to analyse your skin and advise the areas that need to be addressed and it’s just a relaxing session after that!

Medical aesthetics innovation

Patented and proven worldwide, Venus Freeze is a unique medical aesthetic innovation that uses pulsed electro-magnetic fields with multi-polar radio frequencies to regenerate skin cells. The action plumps up skin cells, delivering nutrients, oxygen and blood that enhance natural collagen production. The thin skin around the corners of the eyes become plumped up and supple. Over time, with regular treatments, see the crow’s feet fading away.

Results that truly work for you

It is non-invasive, hence a safe and pain-free experience that tones down the crow’s feet around the eyes and tightens loose skin, creating a lifting effect. Your eyes look instantly refreshed, creating a more youthful accentuation.

A more youthful and attractive appearance with Venus Freeze

Your eyes are the windows into your soul. Feel more confident inside out. Let others look at you and be charmed by your youthful, sparkling eyes.

  • Results are visible with first treatment
  • Specialised Venus Freeze treatments are available with specific focus on problem areas i.e. eyes, face and neck contours.
  • Not just therapy to rejuvenate the face and neck areas, Venus Freeze treatments are also available for the reduction of body cellulite and flabby skin. Results are evident with visible inch loss and circumferential reduction along the abdomen, arms and thigh areas.

To experience a pampering Venus Freeze treatment, contact your nearest Bella Skin Centre therapist today.