IPL Hair Removal – Everything You Need To Know

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For ladies, and some men, the only hair they love is the crown above their head. Hair anywhere else is unacceptable which is why there are so many out there looking for methods to permanently remove hair from other unwanted parts of their body. Some hair removal methods would include shaving, tweezing or waxing their way to smooth, silky and hair free skin. However, if you have heard of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology but have not given it a try, here are some helpful information that could convince you to give it a go.

Technology Behind IPL Hair Removal

IPL devices are technically not lasers but work similar to them. The light that shines out of the device can target specific areas with hair growing, meaning you need not worry other parts of your body being affected during treatment. Hair follicles or roots that are targeted by the machine are heated and impaired (in a good way) so that their growth cycle is reduced or sometimes permanently stopped. IPL hair removal technology has improved over time to ensure the safety of the user while maintaining results of being an effective hair removal solution.

A Permanent Hair Removal Solution?

IPL Hair Removal treatment by Bella Skin Care is proven effective and painless without side effects.

Before and after IPL hair removal

Different users react differently to the IPL hair removal method. As said earlier, the idea of IPL is to use light as the medium to impair hair roots so that they would not grow again. Some users still see some hair growth, but notice that the hair takes a longer time to grow due to its impaired roots. The hairs that grows out are also notably finer, making it less visible from a distance. Sometimes, hair follicles or roots that have undergone IPL can heal itself, causing the hair to grow again. However, some feel this is worth it as IPL hair removal has many benefits as compared to other hair removal methods with just one treatment.

Painless Hair Removal Method

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Carefree and comfortable with IPL Hair Removal

A song by Bob Dylan says “Behind every beautiful thing, there’s been some kind of pain”. Relating to this line of the lyrics, the IPL hair removal method even under a skilled hair removal expert can sometimes hurt. This is due to the nature of how the device works, it heats and impairs a part of your body albeit a microscopic part, in this case the roots of your hair. Some people will feel like their skin has been sunburned one or two days after the hair removal treatment, some places even offer ice packs right after a treatment due to the hot sensation. However, the pain does subside and the method works better than shaving, tweezing or waxing where pain is definite during these procedures.

Permanent Hair Removal without Side Effects

Although there is a little tingling and slight pain sensation during and after IPL hair removal treatment, cases where scarring occurs on the skin is rare, so you shouldn’t be worried about giving IPL a try. You definitely should seek a professional like Bella Skin Care to avoid any side effects or pain to your skin. Their IPL technology is compliant with the European Medical Device Direction (EMDD) that meets strict safety requirements, ensuring their clients who undergo IPL hair removal treatment come out with positive results.