Look Your Best This Chinese New Year!

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Want to get that luminous skin that fascinates every guest that comes visiting for this Chinese New Year? You can now with Bella Skin Care’s 95 minutes Essential Whitening Treatment. Originally priced at RM355, just for this Chinese New Year season, you could get this exclusive treatment at only RM88. Well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, you will experience skincare like never before under the most comfortable and relaxing ambience at Bella Skincare centres. For more information on this treatment, you could reach out to Bella Skin Care directly at their toll-free line or check out their website or social media sites listed in the promo leaflet below.

Many of us know that, as a matter of fact, it is very important to invest on your skin or face. Because that is what people perceive when they first approach you. Imagine the impression you would give your first guest on Chinese New Year’s day, when you as a host look wrinkled, tired and haggard but you are just starting your day. Your guest probably thinks you have had a tonne of guests already, but if they find out they are the first but you look haggard already, it doesn’t leave a positive impression certainly.

So investing on your skin and face is probably the right thing before the New Year hits this month.

There are many whitening programmes and treatments offered these days. However, it is imperative that you know what you are getting out of such whitening treatments and for the money you have paid, so you know you are in safe hands and will not be disappointed.

Bella Skin Care’s 95 minutes Essential Whitening Treatment gives you the luminous skin that lasts for long, which is really a bang-for-the-buck deal considering the price knockdown during this festive season. For just RM88, you could experience Bella Skincare’s latest technology that minimizes melanin production while maximizing skin rehydration. Let Bella Skincare help you to achieve the fairest, brightest, freckles-free skin ever! Be the limelight this festive season with a glowing skin for the year that makes your guests curious to know how you achieved that glow.

The Essential Whitening Treatment helps not only to hydrate your dry skin, but also to lighten pigmentation and freckles around your face. The treatment uses various products which are high in anti-oxidant and which could help your skin tone to become brighter and more even. In just below a hundred minutes, your skin would feel rejuvenated and invigorated from all the strain and pollution it has been exposed to over the past year, reborn with great lush and luminosity for the coming year ahead.

Generally, whitening treatments come in many different forms, including lasers, bleaching creams, and chemical peels. But many people do not know which treatment is the right choice for their skin type and the area of lightening desired. A consultation with a certified dermatologist to discuss which options best suits you and your skin is therefore advisable. At Bella Skincare centres, you will be advised on how this Essential Whitening Treatment could benefit you and your skin by our specialists, after having checked your skin. Bella Skincare’s Essential Whitening Treatment is specially crafted to address your skin darkening woes, by inhibiting melanin production while rehydrating skin cell at the same time, giving you long lasting radiance and clarity without compromising on costs and with least concern on adverse reactions.

Melanin is the human skin pigment which is responsible for colouration of your skin, and even your eyes and hair. You should know that colour of your skin and melanin production are directly proportional, and tanning and darkening of your skin is a result of increased melanin production. So what causes increase of melanin production? For urbanites like us these days, excessive melanin production could be caused by various reasons including hyper pigmentation, over exposure to the sun, skin problems from exposure to pollutants and allergens, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, adrenal disorders, liver disorders, hormonal changes caused by environmental reasons and many more. Cells known as melanosomes and melanocytes will be filled with tyrosinase when stimulated by chemicals or UV rays or any of the aforesaid factors, which then stimulates and distribution of melanin. In turn, you skin will start turning duller and darker over time.

Evidently, by inhibiting the production of melanin while maximizing skin rehydration, this latest technology from Bella Skincare seeks to address the primary cause of darkening and dullness of your skin. By addressing the root of the problem directly and not through lengthy step-by-step procedures, you could see the results in just one sitting, and in fact just within 95 minutes!