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How to remove body hair effectively

  Permanent hair removal is the holy grail of the beauty industry. Study shows that women spend four months of their entire life to remove body hair despite how much they hate doing it. Shaving is a woman’s last option to remove body hair. They think shaving is a waste of time and hair will [… Read More]

Common Skin Problems Before You Hit 40

At any age, good skincare starts with protecting your skin from the free radicals and sun damage in daily routine. As we age, we face different skin problems and need to find skin solutions to maintain skin health and achieve a flawless face. In your mid-20s, your oestrogen levels decline faster than testosterone. Testosterone is [… Read More]

Causes of excessive body hair in women

All women have body hair, as this is a common trait of all humans. Just as some women have longer legs and some have smaller feet, some women will have, by nature, more abundant body hair than others. Excessive body hair can be worrisome, since all of us want to flaunt smooth and silky skin. [… Read More]

3 Features of A Reliable Hair Removal Centre

Nowadays, more women are opting for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal over waxing and shaving to remove body hair. While waxing and shaving are inexpensive and easy to perform at home, they give you temporary results and cause skin irritations if they are not done properly. There are many beauty centres and hair removal [… Read More]

When to Choose Permanent Hair Removal?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, young or old; probably most of us have unwanted hair in certain parts of our body but this should not hinder nor direct the way and quality of our life. There are certain techniques of permanent hair removal that can help us with our [… Read More]

Meet a new hair-free you with laser hair removal!

Have you experienced being teased by your friends or colleagues for having excessive body hair? Does it affect the way you see yourself? It is common for people to have body hair, but as they say, too much is not good. Excessive body hair can affect your self-confidence making you feel shy and wary around [… Read More]

5 reasons to say YES! to Permanent Hair Removal!

Permanent hair removal is in fashion! The modern times and culture has indeed opened the eyes of many female and men in body hair removal – whether it is by shaving, plucking or by laser hair removal. However, whether it is to achieve aesthetics or just to jump in the bandwagon, it is pretty obvious [… Read More]

Hair Growth & Hair Removal

When it comes to achieving stubble-free skin for summer, many women are looking for easy hair removal options.? They usually turn to razors and depilatories for a faster and cheaper alternative, however if you’re not careful, it may cause razor burn, ingrown hairs and cuts. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatment could be the [… Read More]