The Bridging the Gap Skincare, for 20s to 40s

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You would have heard of this modern saying that goes

“The beauty of a creative work is not just in the finished product, but also in the making”

What this quote essentially is trying to tell us is that, to look or remain beautiful, one has to make it happen in the same wished-for manner. A little effort is unquestionably needed, in finding the right skin care products and performing the routines the right way, because in life, we know that there are no miracles and of course, nothing happens overnight.

If you are in your 20s and 30s, you would have surely noticed that there is a huge market for teen skin care products and anti-aging skin care products for aging women, and probably wondered how come there is so little for women of your age group? Does it mean women your age do not need to put so much effort in taking care of their skin, or is it simply the case that most consumer brands have somewhat overlooked this age group?

Undeniably, every age group has its own product range that is most suitable for that age group, and probably does not work or works in contradiction on women of another age group.

We all know why this happens. A teenager’s skin is not the same as that of a woman in her 20s or 30s, and definitely not of someone who has aged. And so, a teenager may not be advised to apply something meant for her mother or even elder sister, such as anti-aging serums which are too heavy for the young and tender skin type. Similarly, for women in their 30s, 40s or even 50s, starting up kits and products meant for the younger age group may be too mild and may not even yield any results.

So most of us very well know that there are no generics when it comes to skin care and cosmetic products; everything requires a bit of background homework before we try out a product that sticks. For this reason, some of us are very loyal to one particular brand and would usually refuse to try any other, especially when it is working well with our skin – just as the saying goes

“When it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

Some of us, on the other hand, would be spoilt for choices when we have no idea of which brand to choose from the thousands available in the market. Moreover, a lot of these products use terminologies that most of us consumers, regardless of how circumspect we are, would not really understand, which at times could lead to making purchase mistakes.

To address all these concerns, this year, Bella Skin will be introducing a new range products bearing the Youth Bank brand, which are made specifically to address the root problems of different age groups, from acne and oily skin amongst teenagers to aging skin amongst the aging group. Made from various natural ingredients such as Sakura extract, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and many more, these products could be your secret key to storing your youth.

Youth Bank will be introducing three different range of product line-up for three different age groups, namely the Time Invest range for women between 25 to 35, the Time Lock range for women between 35 to 45 and the Time Reverse range for women who are 45 and above. Evidently, each of these range of products are tailored to address the individualistic problems faced by the each age group of women.

First off, the Time Invest series, for women in their 20s. The Time Invest series represents the achievement of extensive research into carefully formulating skin care products containing botanicals that are both gentle and effective. These products will be ideal for women in the 20s who are in their early phase of career with poor lifestyle and experiencing high levels of stress, and those who have no visible signs of aging. Women in this age would usually be very concerned with the lack of radiance in their skin, dark circles around the eyes, as well as dehydrated and uneven skin tone. And the Time Invest series, including the Hydra Defence Gel Cream, Moisture Mask Balm and Revitaliser Eye Serum, would be the perfect choice of products to look out for, as the intense hydration these products provide would in the long run banish pore congestion, blemishes, darkness and the unevenness of skin tone.

Then we have the Time Lock series, for women who are in their 30s. The Time Lock range was formulated to defend against the earliest signs of ageing with the full power of peptides, one of nature’s growth factors. This product range is ideal for women between 35 and 45 who are in their mid-career phase with visible signs of aging, be it intrinsic or extrinsic, with better purchasing power and are willing to try more aggressive treatments. A lot of women in this age group are often concerned with visible lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, thinning skin, reduced firmness and contours on their face. To address this, the Youth Bank Time Lock range will be launching the Recovery Cream, Renew Essence and Skin Revival Mask which would be very useful in sending repair and regeneration signals to skin on a cellular level, stopping pigmentation, firming the skin, and preventing fine line formation. The results – you’ll receive brightness, firmness and protection of your skin, something your skin naturally would have had many years before.

Last but not least, we have the Time Reverse series, for aging women who are 40 years old and beyond. As the name suggests, this product range is intended to reverse the tracks of time. Exclusive to the Time Reverse range, there is a Swiss secret to intensive rec-contouring, theCellintegrity™, which is an antioxidant and DNA protector clinically proven to prevent oxidative stress and enhance cellular longevity. Ideal for women with aging skin, this product range which includes the Intense Nutrition Cream, Skin Integrity Cream, Radiance Complex and Smooth Emulsion have been developed from raspberry stem cells, which is a patented compound belonging to Bella Skin only, that builds skin density on dermal level, reversing deep lines, sagging and control volume and contour loss. The results – your skin will be renewed from within, for agelessness that is not just skin deep.

In a nutshell, we could not and should not rely on generic skin care products, because these may not really address the needs of the different age groups with different care levels. If you have tried various products that appear not to have yielded any products, you might want to try changing the products which are more suited to your skin and age. Bella Youth Bank’s range of products, which will be launched later in the year, may be a good start towards a healthier and safer choice of skin care products, since they are very much catered towards addressing specific needs of your skin.

The Youth Bank product range were formulated primarily to bridge the gap between ladies in their 20s and 40s, particularly from those who are beginning to show signs of aging and require products to slow down the process to those who are already aging and require products that are stronger and specialised. At the end of the day, all we want is to look healthy and happy throughout our youth, and our skin is what reflectshow healthy or happy we are deep down.