Time to Invest this Weekend

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Investments in life are not just about doubling your money and income, many of us would know that. Depending on what you strive for in life and what your profession is, something of a less value to another person could be of extremely high value to you. Take for instance, a supermodel. His or her investment is on the right health, hair care and skin care products to upkeep his or her looks. The same goes to a vocalist or a singer, whose investment will be on a healthy and risk-free diet to maintain his or her voice stability all along. Clearly, different people have different priorities in life.

There is something that is common amongst most of us, however. That is our face, skin and the way we look. We all want to look good, flawless or young, forever if given the chance. So why do we not want to invest in keeping our skin forever good, flawless or young?

Why is it important to invest on your skin or face then? Because your skin and face are what people perceive when they first approach you. Imagine the impression you would give a potential customer when you are a salesgirl with wrinkled, tired and haggard skin but you are just starting your career in your early 20s. Your customer may find it hard to believe if you are only in your 20s but you look haggard already as if you’ve been trying too hard in your job – it doesn’t leave a positive impression certainly. At the same time, the investment has to be done right, because only good investment pays. Sometimes you will need to do some homework to know which product suits your skin the best, and which product or brand has gained trust amongst consumers alike.

Yes, you might already be very occupied with your financial investments such as unit trusts, shares and so forth, so you might be thinking, do you have time to invest and do research for the right skin care or facial products? The answer is one that requires no thought. If you do not invest in your skin today, many years down the lane, you would regret not doing so when it might be too late to recover the youthful look that is gone beyond repair.

If you have ever given a thought about investing on your health and looks, you will certainly be aware that, as easy as it sounds, it isn’t really so in reality. Many consumers invest in the wrong products and end up not seeing any “returns”.

Bella Skin products is probably the right answer for you, with its new range of Youth Bank product line. They will be launching product range for women across different age groups, with specific products tailored to address specific needs of each age group, from acne and oily skin amongst teenagers to aging skin amongst the aging group. Made from various natural ingredients such as Sakura extract, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and many more, these products could be your secret key to keeping your skin look healthy all along.

If you are someone in your 20s and have been looking at skin care products to invest on, you could invest in the Youth Bank’s Time Invest series to protect and preserve your tender skin that is gradually being exposed to work stress, polluted air in the city and adversely effected from your unhealthy work-life eating habits.

Let us take you through the Time Invest range for you to understand better why you would need to and want to invest in these products. Essentially, the Time Invest series represents the achievement of extensive research into carefully formulating skin care products containing botanicals that are both gentle and effective. Ideal for women who are in their 20s who are struggling daily without holidays or break to complete their studies with sleepless nights or for those who are just stepping into their career, the Time Invest series, including the Hydra Defence Gel Cream, Moisture Mask Balm and Revitaliser Eye Serum, would be the perfect choice of products to look out for. The intense hydration nature these products provide would in the long run banish pore congestion, blemishes, darkness and the unevenness of skin tone. Your lifestyle of being sleep and nutrient deprived could lead to the lack of radiance in your skin, dark circles around the eyes, as well as dehydrated and uneven skin tone, and with the Time Invest series range, you could rejuvenate your dulling skin quite easily.

Now let’s look at each of the product line-up to see which one is best suited for your needs in preserving and protecting your youthful radiance.

First off, the Hydra Defence Gel. This 30ml gel has been formulated to prevent TEWL. It is naturally anti-inflammatory and seeks to protect our skin from external aggressionand helps with the brightening from within. Unlike many other similar products in the market, the Youth Bank’s Hydra Defence Gel is one that is fast absorbing and is suited for a wide range of skin types. Hence, you need not worry if you have sensitive skin and most hydrating gels in the market that you’ve tired workedend up toostrong on your skin. Made from Yuzu Ceramide, Sakura Extract as well as Olive Oil and Hydrolyzed HA, the Hydra Defence Gel could be used day and night and comes in a simple gel cream form. Originating from Japan just like the some other Youth Bank’s product range, it is specifically made to address dehydration, sensitivity towards new environmental changes and inflammed conditions amongst women in their 20s.

Then we have the Moisture Mask Balm. Again, this also can be used day and night as it is a fast-action and natural product with multi-function properties for everytime and anytime use. This balm is rather viscous and looks like butter or wax, as it is formulated primarily from natural ingredients including the Murumuru Seed Butter, VitaFreeze (Tomato Leaf Cell Culture) as well as Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Linseed Oil. Suitable for all skin types and age groups, this Moisute Mask Balm is best for rough and scaly areas of our skin, as it is formulated specifically to repair and heal, soften and moisturize, sooth and regenerate damaged skin and further improve the skin barrier function, so that your skin would become naturally stronger.

Last but not least, we have the Revitaliser Eye Serum. This Serum can also be used day and night, as it is equally fast absorbing and non-clogging. Applied in small doses, the Eye Serum is best for women in their 20s with dark circles and forming fine lines, which are common amongst the studying or newly-working age group. Manufactured in France from ingredients including Hesperidin, Palmitoyl Tetrapetide – 7, the Time Invest Revitaliser Eye Serum helps to reduce bluish-black hue and fluids under the skin, by strengthening and repairing the blood capillaries around our eyes. The Eye Serum also helps to increase HA content of the skin and thereby improve elasticity of the skin.

Going back to the Moisture Mask Balm, this is probably a must-have of the three. It’s the hero product of the Time Invest range, primarily because of its all-natural ingredients. One thing to highlight is the Murumuru, which is a palm native to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. According to research, this butter, which is produced from the edible fruits of the palm tree, is rich in fatty acids, oleic acid, vitamin A, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is a natural moisturizer for sensitive skin and also an answer to damaged skin and skin with abrasions. Then we have the VItaFreeze, which is formulated from Tomato Cell Culture. VitaFreeze has strong antioxidant activity going on, which significantly reduces intracellular ROS by 59% in epidermal cells. It also increases the expression of the epidermal water channel (Aquaporin) by 25% that allows for a better distribution and maintenance of the water and the glycerol in the skin epidermal cells. Not forgetting, the VitaFreeze also increases Procollagen I and III protein production by 27% and 44%, the expression of elastin by 34% as well as the expression of HAS2 by 57%. Coupled with all other super-ingredients, the Time Invest Moisture Mask Balm is the answer to you dry and damaged skin.

By now, you would have understood why the Youth Bank’s Time Invest series is worth investing on, alongside all your import investments in life. Skincare is essential part of our life; we don’t even leave the house without having cleansed our face and having applied products to protect our skin from harmful rays, so there is nothing wrong in spending an extra cent in buying the right product that is meant to address your specific skin problems. If you are just a beginner in skincare products or you are in your 20s, Youth Bank’s Time Invest series is well suited for your skin as well as your pocket.