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Body Care Skin Treatment

Love Your Skin? Feed It Now!

It's more than just love your skin! It's the how you pamper your skin and let it slip into luxurious experience with our result-oriented treatments. Bella Skincare has specially designed a series of MUST-TRY body treatments that soak you into the pool of gorgeous ladies. Choose between Body Reconditioning Treatment that infuse optimum moisture with the goodness of aloe vera into your skin, or Silky White Skin Renewal Treatment that deliver a fair and velvety skin with the fantastic benefits of sea salt bath.

Body Reconditioning Treatment

Body Reconditioning Treatment is a splash of treatment that suitable for flaky or dry skin especially underarms, hands or legs. It focuses on combining effective exfoliating ingredients with natural goodness of aloe vera that provide the fullest hydration, ensuring that you are left with the long lasting smoothness and moisture level after the hair removal treatment.

During this deep hydrating treatment, Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion is used to remove the thick dead skin, which at the same time helps you to deep cleanse your skin and regulate active sebum secretions. Aloe Vera gel mask is then applied to soothe, hydrate and restore your skin. A relaxing Cool Eye Pillow is also placed on your eyes to make you feel comfortable and enjoy throughout the whole process.

Silky White Skin Renewal Treatment

A breakthrough whitening treatment that improves your skin radiance and texture! It's for those who are struggling with dull and uneven skin tone especially underarms, in addition to their thirsty skin. This intense skin renewal treatment is targeted to remove stubborn dead skin on the treatment area, leaving a fair and flawless skin after the hair removal treatment.

During this treatment, a "Diamond Peel Machine" will be used to effectively remove the dirt and dead skin cells. Our professional therapist will apply Aqua Massage Oil to boost the hydration and moisture level of the skin, and then apply Sea Salt Milk Bath to improve detoxification and keep the skin radiant, youthful. During the Sea Salt Milk Bath session, a relaxing Cool Eye Pillow is placed on your eyes to ensure you for a comfy period.

Bust Up Therapy

An intensive bust treatment that uses Slender unique formulation of Perfect Bust Lift Serum and Nano-encapsulation Technology to enhance the breast contours, stimulate cell regeneration, improve lymph circulation and promote skin elasticity, Bust Up Therapy further helps fight against the visible effects of ageing and hormonal changes of the breasts.

  • Enhance breast contours
  • Stimulate cell regeneration
  • Improve lymph circulation
  • Promote skin elasticity

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