Sensitive Skin: Skin Care Treatments

Sensitive, blotchy and redness in skin are some of the skin problems arising from unbalanced skin. Our balancing and repair care removes dirt and excess oil while maintaining the hydration and pH level of skin which is the key to radiant and healthy looking complexion.

Thermal Seaweed Treatment

Thermal Seaweed Treatment contains the purest and highest quality of organic seaweed that is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. It re-mineralised, rebalanced and re-hydrated the skin cells. With sufficient hydration, pigmentation are lightens and fine lines are reduced.

Cryo Seaweed Treatment

Cryo seaweed treatment is formulated for problematic skin and post acne conditions. The minerals and trace elements from the organic seaweed heal, calm, cool and sooth the redness and blotchiness. Consistent usage of cryo seaweed treatment resulted in visibly clearer skin, refined pores and reduced inflammation.

Oxy Light Healing

Constant exposure to harsh weather condition such as strong UV sunlight and cold weather and sensitive skin due to chemical treatment resulted in pre mature aging and damaged skin tissues. Oxy light healing utilizes polarized light to heal and repair damaged tissues and skin surfaces. It revitalizes damaged and delicate skin and prevents broken capillaries.

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