Skin Cleansing: Facial Treatments

Skin oil production can be excessive due to stressful lifestyle, unhealthy diet and poor environment resulting in breakout and dull skin complexion. Our deep cleansing care not only remove oil and dirt but most importantly regulate oil secretion resulting in refine pores, fresh and shine free appearance.

Cryo Sebum Control

Cryo Sebum Control helps managing skin breakout by clearing up congestion and blackheads in skin. Its bio-organic mask comprising of vitamins, trace minerals and plant hormones gently detoxifies the skin, unclogs pores and eliminates dead skin cells. In addition, it regulates oil secretion, maintains moisture balance and tightening pores resulting in healthy and revitalized skin.

Porcelain Skin Treatment

Hormonal imbalance, stress and humidity cause secretion of excess sebum which resulting in blackheads and pustules. Porcelain Skin Treatment is formulated with liposomal delivery system which releases active ingredients (LCA complex and antioxidant sequence) in a control manner to remove excess sebum. In addition, it has a pH balance that is close to the skin's natural pH which prevents skin irritation.

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