Facial Skin Care: Eye Treatment

As the most delicate part of facial features, eyes are the first sign of aging. As aging process kicks in, lines and wrinkles set in, dark circles appear and the corner of eyes starts slacking. Eye care is essential in maintaining the youth of eyes and is your first line of defense against skin aging!

Chromolift Intensive Eye Treatment

Chromolift Intensive Eye Treatment delivers bio-electric micro currents to gently stimulate cell regeneration and improves blood circulation. Consistent usage of treatment results in permanent lift and revitalization in the eye region.

RF Yeux De Beaute

RF Yeux de Beaute delivers radio frequency to remodel the collagen support network around the eye area, eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. It also balances the "Chi" force in the eye zone to boost lymphatic drainage which relieves puffy eyes and reduces dark eye circles.

Venus Freeze Eyes Treatment

Therapeutic and relaxing, Venus Freeze’s patented skincare technology integrates multipolar radio frequency and magnetic pulse fields to address your eye issues using advanced treatment technology. This unique innovation in beauty aesthetics deliver wondrous and visible results for your eye areas by inducing collagen regeneration, uplifting contours, tightening saggy skin, and lightening uneven skin - so that you can say goodbye to puffy eyes, dark circles, droopy eyes and aging wrinkles and look years younger!

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