Facial Skin Care: Recontouring and Facelift Treatment

Aging is a natural process that begins in mid-20s. It begins with decrease production of collagen and elastin which keeps skin springy. Dead skin cells shed slower and regeneration of new skin cells decrease significantly resulting in fine wrinkles, hollowed cheeks, sagging and drying skin. Face recontouring and lifting care aims to reverse and delay the signs of aging.

Microcurrent Basic

Microcurrent Basic is an add-on treatment to the microcurrent intelligence system.

Microcurrent Intelligence System

Microcurrent Intelligence System delivers low level of electrical current to our skin similar to that of our body biological natural current. Such current increases blood circulation, boosts production of collagen, elastin and amino acids. As a result, cell repair and renewal accelerates leading to visibly firmer and smoother skin.

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment is a form of energy system that heats the subcutaneous tissues uniformly. This causes collagen to contract, tighten and regenerate. Following treatment, visibly more youthful appearance can be observed such as tighter skin over face, chin, jaw line and neck, decreases frown lines and creases.

Radio Frequency Neck Treatment

Radio Frequency Neck Treatment concentrates on the neck region to re-contour and firm up the neck region.

Venus Freeze Face

Highly sought after by celebrities worldwide, Venus Freeze - an advanced anti-ageing treatment improves skin's tautness, reduces wrinkles and overall outlook for women like you. With the patented (MP)2 technology, which produces a soothing and therapeutic sensation, promotes nutrient absorption, resulting in a lasting and healthier glow.


Flawless skin | Facelift before and after | Facial treatmentFlawless skin | Facelift before and after | Facial treatment
Flawless skin | Facelift before and after | Facial treatment

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