Dry Skin: Skin Care Hydration Treatment

Hydration is the key to a young and healthy looking skin. Most Asians spend a lot of time in air-condition environment due to warm and humid climate. This causes dehydration of skin. Our hydration care contains natural moisturizing factors (NMF) which hydrate skin intensively and plump up fine lines.

HA Hydrating System

Hyaluronic acid hydrating system is an excellent instant hydro-boost. It is able to retain high level of water in skin up to 1000 units of its water weight. With sufficient hydration, skin becomes dewy, soft, supple and radiant. Coupled with aromatic rose essential oil, HA hydrating system invigorates all senses.

AquaDew Pro

A dewy, translucent complexion awaits you with AquaDew Pro, a revolutionary treatment using the latest skin resurfacing therapy that safely exfoliates impurities while simultaneously enveloping your skin with a blend of multi-action formulated serums that seal in moisture. Aqua Dew Pro intensively renews skin with a dewy, even-toned complexion.

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