Facial Skin Care: Renewal Treatment

Excess dead skin cells causes the skin to look dull and lack of luster. It slows down the metabolism and regeneration of new skin cells. It also weakens the collagen and elastin structures which accelerate skin aging. Skin renewal care removes excess dead skin cells either through organic or mechanical peel.

Sonic Peel

Sonic Peel effectively sloughs off excess dead skin cells to reveal new and younger looking skin. In addition, it reduces excess sebum, eliminates uneven skin tone, blemishes and pigmentation. It is the first step in a healthy and radiant complexion.

Diamond Renewal System

Diamond Renewal System is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment. It uses a natural diamond chips to remove layers of dead skin cells in a controlled and precise manner. Removal of dead skin cells helps to reduce acne and superficial scars from past injury. In addition, it also minimizes blotchy skin coloring or age spots. Softer and smoother skin can be achieved just after first treatment.

Diamond Renewal Spot System

Diamond Renewal Spot System is an added treatment that targets spots and pigmentation rather than the entire face. It offers enhanced efficiency in reducing spots and pigmentation.

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